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Awkuzu: Untold stories of SARS’ deadliest den

TONY OKAFOR chronicles some of the incidents that gave the Awkuzu Special Anti-Robbery Squad facility in Anambra State the notoriety of a cell where SARS officers carried out extrajudicial killings The stiff resistance by security agents to allow the #EndSARS protesters ingress into the Special Anti-Robbery Squad office in Awkuzu, Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State, on Friday, might… Read More
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85 Garlands for Sir Kesington Adebutu

Idris Katib “Be merciful to those on earth and the One in the heavens will have mercy upon you” –Tirmidhi 1924 The philanthropic gestures of Sir Kesington Adebukunola Adebutu to educational institutions are legendary and are there for all to see. Conspicuously, one can describe the legend as a believer, a supporter, a cheerleader, a friend, a loyalist and a… Read More
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Ondo poll: ‘Real reasons Akeredolu won, Jegede lost’

Power of incumbency, naira rain — five reasons Akeredolu won Rita Okonoboh If poses were prophecies, one interesting photograph of the candidates during the signing of the peace accord in Ondo would have offered a relatable cryptic message. Akeredolu stood a little distance away, arms behind him, decked in a shirt, jeans and a fez cap – he appeared relaxed.… Read More
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Why IGP’s pronouncement on SARS may mean nothing in the end

Chinedu Asadu After days of nationwide protest, Mohammed Adamu, inspector-general of police (IGP), announced the dissolution of the special anti-robbery squad (SARS), a unit of the police known for excessive use of force, arbitrary arrests and, in some cases, extrajudicial killing. At a media briefing on Sunday, the IGP announced that SARS operatives would be redeployed to other police commands, formations… Read More
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Garba Shehu’s ‘attack’ on Adeboye was to rebuke Osinbajo

Fredrick Nwabufo I believe you have all noticed. Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo is regaining his stature and waxing reformist on some of the problems dogging Nigeria. He is breaking out of the supposed cabal-stitched straitjacket into a tinderbox of chutzpah. It seems he has elected to remove the duct tape from his mouth at this time.  But it is puzzling why… Read More
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By Bolanle Bolawole 0705 263 1058 In Nigeria, election is war and in war, “truth is the first casualty”. Greek tragic dramatist, Aechylus (525 BC – 456 BC), posited that in war, truth is the first casualty. Sun Tzu, the 5th Century Chinese General, said all warfare is based on deception. Samuel Johnson (The Idler, 1758) reasoned that “Among… Read More